The Seymour Duncan Catalina Chorus Pedal… Revealed

Oh boy, oh boy. Look at this little blue beauty from Seymour Duncan – the Catalina Chorus pedal. The pedal is touting a new Dynamic Expression feature. Max Gutnik, SVP of products and CRO of Seymour Duncan notes that, “Dynamic Expression feature gives players the ultimate control – from subtle to bold, and everything in-between, without changing settings every other song or riding the footswitch all night.” This sounds awesome, and the type of problem Gutnik is describing is all too common for many chorus pedals on the market.

Here is the description from SD:

Some guitarists like their chorus to be subtle and traditional. Others prefer bold and unique. The Catalina Dynamic Chorus is designed to do both, with analog character and an unprecedented level of interactivity. It has controls for Mix (from silent to unity to a +3dB boost for the wet signal), Rate, Depth and Delay, as well as a treble-attenuating Tone control for dialing in the clarity or warmth of the wet signal. And the Catalina also features a unique Dynamic switch which allows you to interact with the Depth control as you play: the Hard mode signals the chorus depth to increase as you play with more intensity, or flip it to Soft mode and you will receive more effect as you play lighter. There’s also a Threshold control to dial in the sensitivity of the Dynamic feature. The Catalina has a mono input and stereo outputs, and the footswitch is True Bypass.

Bottom line, to steal a quote Dale and Brennan: “It’s the f**ckin’ Catalina Chorus Pedal.”

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