Tonal Properties of Guitar Pickup Magnets

At the heart of every pickup, whether it’s a humbucker or a single-coil, is one or more magnets that define the fundamental character of the pickup’s tone. Learn how a pickup’s magnet type impacts its tone to help you choose the best pickups for you and your guitar! Read on for info on a few of the most common magnet types that we use in our pickups, and how they affect the pickup’s tone:

1) Alnico II: full low end, enhanced mid-range, sweet top end

2) Alnico III: clear, warm low end, full mid-range, soft high end

3) Alnico IV: tighter bass response than A2, even mid-range response, brighter than A2 but sweeter than A5

4) Alnico V: bright and glassy top end, cutting mid-range, tight bass response

5) Alnico VIII: exceptional mid-range, tight low end, and smooth treble response

6) Ceramic: bright and edgy with enhanced upper-mids, hard, aggressive harmonics, and punchy low end

For more info on how to swap your pickups, check out our Resources Page here.

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