Win A Seymour Duncan Pedal & Creation Pedalboard

Do you want to win the Seymour Duncan pedal of your choice and a custom pedal board by Creation Music Company? We’ve teamed up with Creation to run a giveaway together. which you can enter here.

You can see our range of pedals on this page, including gain pedals (the Pickup Booster, 805 Overdrive, Dirty Deed Distortion and Palladium Gain Stage), compressors (the Vise Grip for guitar and the Studio Bass Compressor), modulation (Shapeshifter Stereo Tremolo and Catalina Dynamic Chorus) and delay (the Vapor Trail analog delay). And you can check out Creation Music Company’s custom guitar pedalboards here. Creation Music Company was founded in the Summer of 2013 as Creation Pedalboards by John Snyder and father Bruce Snyder to meet the growing demand of the custom pedalboard world.

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  1. Need a new pedal board. Need some new Seymour Duncan pickups for my old guitar, still shopping. A new Ibanez is in the future.

  2. i always wanted that Palladium, never saw on that sell it in our country you guys are lucky that you can purchase amazing pedals, but here where im from, pedals are all generic.

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