Basslines Pickups Become… Seymour Duncan Pickups

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For years – a lot of years – we’ve been making bass pickups under the Basslines brand name. And they’ve been pretty popular, and a lot of great players use them, such as Steve Bailey, Roger Waters and Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris. But the time has come to make things a little bit clearer out there. So from now on, our bass pickups – like the Quarter Pound for P-Bass, for instance, will no longer bear the Basslines name. They’ll be known as Seymour Duncan pickups instead.  

Don’t worry: all your favorites will still be built in the exact same factory here in Santa Barbara, California that they’ve always been built in, by the same hands. But now they’ll just say Seymour Duncan instead of Basslines.


Written on July 4, 2013, by Peter

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Comments (5)

  • Peter • 6 years ago

    but I liked how the basslines logo looked…. it should be made as an optional cover.

  • Peter • 6 years ago

    Then you should specify somehow if the pickup is a basslines model.

  • Peter • 6 years ago

    Will you be able to buy the covers for old pickups to rebrand them from basslines to Seymour Duncan’s?

  • Peter • 6 years ago

    I, for one, am glad. I love having the Seymour Duncan name on my pickups. I have been a die-hard SD guy since the late 80’s and never did warm up much to the “Bass Lines” name. Now if they would just make the Active EQ pickups again so I can load all my basses with them….

  • Peter • 6 years ago

    Why did they name them Basslines in the first place?

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