Introducing the Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickup Set

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop has teamed up with blues-rock virtuoso Joe Bonamassa to produce the Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickup Set. This immaculately crafted and calibrated dual-humbucker set accurately replicates the P.A.F. pickups in Joe’s beloved 1959 sunburst Les Paul®. Their rich, dynamic, and nuanced voice will appeal to all tone connoisseurs who cherish the passion and power of the original humbucker.

Wound on the historic Leesona machine that created humbuckers for Gibson back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the set features an Alnico 2 magnet in the neck pickup and Alnico 3 in the bridge. Period-correct butyrate bobbins, lightly antiqued nickel covers, wooden spacer, and retro-style “Bonamassa” P.A.F. stickers heighten the vintage vibe.

Only 1,959 Custom Shop sets will be sold. Each will be hand signed by Seymour Duncan and Joe Bonamassa and include a special USB flash drive with video interviews, special features, and more.

To order from the Custom Shop go here.

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  1. What kind of wiring (2 or 4 conductor), because I want to install them out of Phase (Peter Green mod).

  2. Hi, Got my pickups the other week! #0025, Great number! How do they sound? checkout my u tube video.
    In the video, I compare two guitars, I should have sat with the pickups a bit longer to get a real feel with them because at first I was a bit disappointed with their lack of punch. However the more that I play them the more I like them. They are supposed to be modeled after the PAF’s in Joe’s beloved 59 LP and those original magnets are probably weakened somewhat over time. So that makes sense for them to be weaker (for lack of a better term) But they make up for this in clarity, response and how they articulate each harmony. I turned up the amp (not in vid) and discovered that they do have response and punch. They will howell too.  At the lower volume they did not push over into breaking up as the (Newer) BB’s of the second LP. Bottom line on these is their ment to mimic a vintage (old) pickup of how it sounds 40 years later. Not for a Metal player, great for blues, jazz and most other rock. I may do another vid Better I hope to display the outstanding qualities that these possess.
    One last critique, why didn’t you use a more 59 type cover? This is the biggest complaint I have heard thus far. I did like the light aging.

  3. A new personal favorite pickup … Structured, articulate, colorful – all without muddiness even when cutting back vol/tone knobs on either p/u.  Took a while to dial them in as far as height and fine adjustments, but superior quality/build in my opinion.  If you’re putting these in a newer LP with the toy-like pots and caps, do yourself a huge favor and upgrade to matched CTS 500s with .022 on the bridge and .015 on the neck.  Pure sweetness!!!

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