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If you use a digital modeling processor as the heart of your tone, you’ve probably found yourself missing the ‘oomph’ of real speakers pushing real air. There hasn’t yet been a profile that captures the adrenaline of being hit in the chest with the punch of a cranked 4×12, or the sensation of your pants flapping in the breeze as you blast out a chugging drop-C riff. The PowerStage 700 power amp is here to help you take back the guitarists’ most sacred right: lots and lots of volume as a key element in the pursuit of great tone.

The PowerStage 700 is a 700-watt power amp with a clean preamp section and 3-band global EQ. It has stereo inputs, stereo speaker outputs and stereo XLR outputs with True Cab Circuitry (TCC)™ cabinet emulation. TCC is an analog circuit designed to replicate a great 4×12 cab through a PA.

You can even run your pedals straight into your DAW with full speaker simulation, or use the stereo inputs for complex signal routing. And if you use a modeler or digital preamp, PowerStage 700 is going to change the way you perform, as Seymour Duncan SVP of Products & CRO Max Gutnik explains.

“There has never really been a power amp designed specifically for guitarists using modelers and digital preamps,” Max says. “We created a solution that replicated what you were trying to accomplish in your modeler, but had the feel and reaction of playing through a real tube amp. Then there’s a global EQ so you don’t need to scroll through to an EQ menu and deal with the encoder resolution. When you’re at the gig and you need a quick change because things all of a sudden sound brighter or darker because of the room, you can simply walk over and tweak it.”

Whether you use pedals, modelers or anything else to get your signature sound, the PowerStage 700 will let you amplify it in a clean platform. It can sit on top of your amp or fit in two-thirds of a single rack space. It can plug into any cabinet at any impedance anywhere in the world, thanks to its versatile 100v-240v power supply.

Powerful enough to take away any worries about the backline, but compact enough to fit in a backpack. Let us show you why it’s time to rethink the power amp!


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