Scary Tone From The Custom Shop

MJ and the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop can create any pickup imaginable. These pickups were custom-made with a Halloween theme for one of our artists, and you can get nearly any Seymour Duncan pickup in a variety or cosmetics to satisy your inner beast.

A customer dreamed up these zombie-inspired humbuckers just in time for Halloween, with Alnico 8 magnets that are sure to wake up all the ghouls.

Zombie Halloween edition humbuckers
Zombie Neck 15.40K Alnico VIII
Zombie Bridge 21.89K Alnico VIII

The pumpkin-orange Boobuckers are designed to provide a nice round tone.

Boobucker in Pumpkin Orange
Boobucker Neck 8.1K Alnico II
Boobucker Bridge 9.15K Alnico II

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