The Story Behind the JB & Jazz Concept + Zephyr Silver Pickups in the Seymour Duncan 35

The Seymour Duncan 35–the limited edition guitar inspired by Seymour’s “TeleGib” and the company’s 35th Anniversary–comes with two sets of very special pickups: The recreation of the original “TeleGib” pickups, known as the Custom Shop JB/Jazz Concept Set, and a modern exotic set of Seymour Duncan Zephyr™ Silver premium pickups.

Seymour Duncan’s new Custom Shop JB & Jazz “Concept” Humbuckers are installed in the guitar. The “Concept” pickups are reproductions of the prototype pickups Seymour wound for Jeff Beck’s guitar, well before there was a Seymour Duncan Company. These pickups later became the basis for further development of the Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz production models, after the formation of the company.

In the early ’70s, Seymour lived in London creating guitar pickups for Britain’s top players. His masterpiece, though, was a guitar he built for Jeff Beck, affectionately known as the “TeleGib.” Seymour matched a Fender Telecaster®—that’s the “Tele®”—with hot-rodded Gibson-style humbuckers—that’s the “Gib.” The pickups themselves represented a new era of advanced guitar sound, pairing a high-output bridge pickup with highly resonant harmonics and a smooth, moderate output neck pickup.

This is the concept that would later serve as the basis of the JB Model™—the world’s most popular humbucker— and its frequent match, the Jazz Model™. In honor of our 35th Anniversary, the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop is proud to offer the JB/Jazz Concept set. This pickup pair is precisely like the pickups in the original “TeleGib,” with a long-legged bottom plate, single-conductor wire, and Alnico-2 magnets in the neck pickup, and Alnico-5 in the bridge.

Additionally, a set of Seymour Duncan Zephyr™ Silver premium pickups will be supplied in the case. The guitar is equipped with Seymour Duncan’s Liberator™ Quick Pickup Change System for easy swapping of both sets of pickups. Whether with vintage-style pickups or new tone-drenched silver, players will find the sound of the Seymour Duncan 35 to be extraordinary. The Zephyr Silver pickups combine silver wire, bi-metallic pole pieces, nylon glass fiberfill bobbins and cryogenic treatment for a wide-open, tone-dense, explosively dynamic sound and super-responsive feel. The installed Liberator volume potentiometer is 250kΩ. A spare control plate with a 500kΩ Liberator volume potentiometer is included in the supplied tweed case.

For your chance to win the limited edition Seymour Duncan 35 with Custom Shop JB & Jazz “Concept” Pickups installed and an additional set of Seymour Duncan Zephyr™ Silver premium pickups included, ENTER HERE!!!

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  1. Looks like a sweet axe. I love the idea of swaping out the pickups fast but I would probably build another guitar around the other set expsecialy if they have that PAF sound found in the jb setI just love a lot of good clean low end when you roll back the tone it shouldn’t mud up the mids.Does this guitar use a .001 cap on the voulum pot and what caps are you recomending for duncan pickups.I haven’t seen anything about that ever and I have bough several duncan pickups I also have a twin tube. If you don’t own one of these buy it.Semour Duncan makes very good products I have been a costomer for years and have never been let down.

  2. The body and neck are amazing on this guitar. I love the 12th fret inlay. The tune-o-matic tailpiece and bridge and very unique and I’m sure makes for a great tone. The pickups I’m add that great finishing touch to an already amazing guitar. I am really hoping to win this. It would be both amazing and life changing.

  3. Looks like an awesome hybrid but, will it stay crunchy in milk?? Just funnin. I bet that badboy would sing!!!

  4. Do… like the way you guys explain applications for your pickups. Sound samples are way to subjective. If you can add any other info like neck, string type, string height, tube amp vs. component type, etc. it would be helpful. THANKS IN ADVANCE……

  5. OH MY GOD, it`s amazing! I`ve never seen anything like this! Ik wanna touch it, hear t, feel it, have it!
    Too bad i never win something : (

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