Seymour Duncan helps Angus Young with his tone

Seymour Duncan helps Angus Young with his tone

We’ve been working behind-the-scenes with Angus Young for the past year. His tech, Takumi Suetsugu, contacted Seymour Duncan about dialing in the sound of Angus’ road guitars. Takumi had already been to a few pickup builders before he came to us. He worked with Seymour, Evan and Scott Miller, our Technical Lead, to come up a variation on Pearly Gates that really worked great in Angus’ performance guitars.
Once AC DC’s world tour ended, Takumi came up to the factory with Angus’ “Number One” road guitar along one of the other road guitars in his arsenal. The problem with Number One is that it was recently caught in a torrential downpour at an outdoor concert and it wasn’t working right. Furthermore, the other road guitars didn’t sound as good as Number One.
Our challenge was two-fold: get Number One up and running, and make the other road guitars sound as good as Number One. The first thing I did was a complete set of measurements. Then, I started listening to pickups and winding special humbuckers. Meanwhile, my guys were doing repairs to Number One to restore it after the moisture damage. Frank Falbo spent a lot of time on that guitar.
That’s it for now. Stay tuned and I’ll bring you up to date as we continue with this exciting project.



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  1. Can you give us some info on how Angus likes his setup?
    Does he have low/medium/high action.
    What type of frets. 
    Action at the nut (high/medium/low)?

  2. hi can you let me know if i could get the machine heads for angus young custom sg please i need them kevin

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