History of Seymour Duncan Products

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For 40 years Seymour Duncan has been developing products to help musicians find their voice and get the most out of their instrument. We thought it would be fun to look back at when some of our more notable products came out. This list is by known means exhaustive but we tried to include as many products as possible. From the original JB developed back at the beginning to the Shapeshifter Stereo Tremolo, this list spans the ages of our history.

What year were you first introduced to Seymour Duncan?

Written on June 4, 2013, by admin

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  • Dave Warren

    Your timeline shows basslines introduced in 1998. My 1995 and 1997 Hamer cruise basses have Basslines ???

  • Orpheo

    They made pickups for bass guitars earlier, but in ’98 those pickups were offered as after market replacement products. I can look up the press release if you so desire? 🙂

  • Singlemalt

    I have a set of Seymour Duncan “half stack” (at least that was what the tech called them) that I bought in ’84. They look exactly like the add on the previous page but I got them a couple of years before the timeline says they were released. They are four wire but with plain black covers (no name printed) and don’t look as “put together” as the pic in the timeline. I do remember they were in SD boxes. Can anyone tell me about them? They were installed and have been in my “road warrior” ’78 strat ever since then. They were installed with phase reversal and coil tap switches instead of the 5-position switch. I have only had to travel with this one guitar because of the beautiful and wide range of sounds. I will never take them out. Thanks Seymour!

  • zillustration

    My 1978 B.C. Rico Mockingbird… Yes, RICO (one of 100 before a copyright ruling) came with an Invader SH-8 in the bridge position – old school knurly hex screws, not the rounded rivet style currently used. The factory setup sent the signal through an on board pre-amp circuit powered by a 9V. Still cranking out the dB, though showing its age in the finish.

  • luiz

    where is the black winter ?

  • Had not a clue that the Invader was that old.

  • Drew

    Got my Screamin’ Demon the week it came out in ’91. Been on my Strat ever since, still sounds incredible! Made me a SeyDunc fan for life.

  • Nando Puche

    first sd pickups:( 1996 ) alnico ii sc neck and middle on 93 strat ( huge tone change ) also lil 59 bridge. current sd pickups: 09 LP Traditional 59 neck ( wonderful underrated ) and whole lotta humbucker bridge ( tight and spongy middle position )

  • maxtune26

    I heard about it through ZZ Top, Gibbons’ Pearly Gates pickups were super sick!

  • Alderney Fred

    What I would like is a list of the labelling UNDER the pickup, so you can identify an old one. I’ve got one or two I’m not sure about, would like to identify them before I install them.

  • Sly

    Is it true that the JB was made for Jeff Beck???

    • Charles Hoernemann

      Nope, although Seymour worked for Jeff Beck as well as for Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page during his Fender Roundhouse years in London. JB simply stands for “Jazz & Blues”. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Happyoiler

    I purchased a couple of years ago a used 3 pcs set of SSL-52 loaded on scratch plate I fitted on my mexican Fender strat. They sound fine but I’m wondering who they were made for originally (date of prod.?) and why they don’t seem to be that popular.

  • stratoman67

    I got this old Bob Weir Ibanez w/ PUs supposedly handwound by Marcella and Seymour Duncan personally in the late 70’s. Is that her in the pic?

  • Tony W

    picture of the initial rails pickup is the new type… prefer the old look myself 😉

  • Tony W

    what were the late 80s/early 90s bass pickups with the 3 micro switches on??? they seem to be missing from the timeline. we used to sell a heap of them and as standard fitment on Warwick basses… ??? blew the EMG or MEC fitted Warwicks into the middle of next week…

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      These were from our BassLines series. Actually, they were a great idea! Hard to find today, as no one wants to get rid of them!