The Player’s Room


Viewing Your Band As A Business: Introduction

The music industry is a difficult industry to break into. For every successful band, there are thousands of failed ones. Many young musicians sit in their rooms dreaming of making it big, like the idols covering their walls. They see the money, the girls, and the larger than life lifestyle and want it all. The problem lies in that they have no clue how to obtain it or even where to start. Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Barriers: The Relationship Between Keys, Chords, and Scales

What is a key? We have all heard that term before, as in ‘What key is this song in?’ When we first start out playing guitar this all seems so complicated, but in the end it isn’t. The last Breaking Down the Barriers blog focused on the musical alphabet, and how it relates to guitar playing. This article with actually focus on how to use this alphabet in a musical way. Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Barriers: Picking Chords to Solo Over

Chords can be a lifetime study, and a lifetime isn’t long enough to learn them all. To make matters worse, there are seemingly endless ways to play the exact same chords on your guitar. Most guitarists use about 3% of what is out there, but with some basic theory knowledge we can understand how to use them in our music. Continue Reading

Don't Tickle Your Guitar: Playing Like You Mean It!

Back in the mid-1990s, when I was a young teenager just starting to learn to play the electric guitar, I read an interview with Angus Young in an issue of Guitar World that has stuck with me to this day. The gist of the interview could be summed up in one elegant quote. On the subject of growing up with and learning to play guitar himself, Angus recalled this gem from his brother (and brilliantly understated co-guitarist) Malcolm: "Don't tickle it, hit the bugger!" Continue Reading

The Gig Survival Kit

Success or failure at a gig often hinges on a single moment that tests you in some way. It could be a test of your gear, your chops, your energy level, your self-confidence, and at some gigs, your stomach. The best thing you can do to be ready for situations like this is to prepare in advance, and make sure you are ready for whatever a gig can throw at you. Continue Reading

Write With Your Brain, Not With Your Hands

My whole leg is asleep to the hip. My guitar, poised restlessly in my lap, has been cutting off the circulation for… a while? I’m not even sure anymore. Shifting position in my computer chair, I brace for the agonizing needle-rush of blood back into numbed limbs while my bleary eyes refocus in the wash of harsh monitor light… The clock derides me in smug silence […] Continue Reading

Learn Metal with Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage Pt. 4: Being Nothing

“Being Nothing” is one of the fastest right hand rhythm guitar songs that I have ever composed. It contains very fast down picking and also alternate picking as well. I have recorded 4 rhythm guitars as I usually do on the original recording, and also keep in mind that you need to warm up good before you start to play at those fast tempos. Make sure […] Continue Reading

The Ultimate Prog Metal Rhythm Tuning

One of my favorite alternate tunings is Open C, or CGCGCE. As you can see, it's mostly made up of a bunch of Cs and Gs in different octaves. What I really like about it is that it can be a brutal low tuning for aggressive chugging, but it also gives you a nice sense of atmosphere and additional harmonic complexity on the middle strings and it's laid out on the fretboard in a way that invites some pretty interesting sweep picking patterns too. Continue Reading

Breaking Down the Barriers: Chords in Every Key

Songwriters and improvisers usually pick chords and scales based in the 12 keys we use in music. This time we will focus on triads, or 3 note chords. These are the basis of Western harmony.The guitar is capable of playing in all of the 12 keys, but for some reason, many guitarists are stuck playing and writing in the basic ‘guitar keys’ of E, A, C, […] Continue Reading