10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Guitar Modding

Did you check for 50s wiring?

As everyone knows, the first step is admitting you have a problem. But guitar modding addiction is, as yet, unrecognised by the medical and psychiatric fields. If you think you might need help, examine our list of symptoms to help you make your diagnosis.
1. You meet someone who says she is interested in working with ceramics. “Me too,” you reply. “I really like the Invader, the Distortion and the Custom.” She backs away.
2. When you try out a guitar in a store, you don’t even bother plugging it in. You know you’ll be ripping all the electrics out on NGD anyway, so why bother?
3. You think “smoking pot” is when you hold the soldering iron on a casing for too long when you’re attaching a ground wire.
4. Your kitchen drawers all look like this:

5. Your doctor asks if you are an “active person.” He looks worried when you reply that you “have a lot of Blackouts.”
6. A friend tells you he knows a place with “great strippers.” “Awesome!” you say. “Will they pull the sleeving off those fiddly little humbucker wires?” He decides not to take you with him.
7. You have two calluses on your tongue from testing 9V batteries.

This is not a retirement plan.

8. Someone at work asks you if you have a 401K. You say “No, but I’ve got plenty of both 250K and 500K in my bag if those will do?”
9. Your fridge magnets are all little grey metal rectangles with Sharpie markings like “A8″ and “UOA5″ on them. And they’re all just holding up wiring diagrams.
10. You’re reading this while you wait for your soldering iron to heat up.
Modding addiction is serious and should not be taken lightly. If, after reading the list above, you think you may be affected, then please visit the Seymour Duncan User Group Forum immediately and ask for help. Please note, though: their idea of help may involve the purchasing of large numbers of pickups and/or magnets. Have a fresh roll of solder ready.

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  1. thanks. now I want a low profile volume knob for my strat, all three knobs black, black pick guard and black pup covers, as well a black five way switch head.

  2. What a relief, now I know I’m below the level of addiction. This article helped me to realise I’am on my way, though 🙂
    Recently I’ve put new pots in my axe. Week or two after, I’ve visited the biggest guitar shop in Europe, got into a room with Gibsons ans PRS’s hanging on the walls… Felt like heaven… I started turning the pots on Les Pauls, wondering if they’re hard or soft to use!

  3. I used to be like that. But didn’t need rehab, though. I just married, had kids, and now I hardly have a place in the house to set the soldering iron. Shock therapy, I guess.

  4. And then there’s people like me, who build a Tele or Strat from scratch, so that it automatically IS unique, with different p/u combinations.

  5. addicted??? check out youtube “egotripband” “the funk”
    ..pictures of more seymour duncan p/ups and different types of guitar body timber than you can shake a soldering iron at..there would be more if i didn’t have to feed my family

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