Hello Me… Meet the Real Me: Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is universally known as the founder of Megadeth and forefather of thrash metal. Dave made significant contributions to Metallica as a member from 1981-1983, and has writing credits on their first two albums.
The Seymour Duncan User Group Forum held a Q&A with Mustaine in 2010, with fans pouring in to ask Dave any and all questions they thought they’d never get answered. Dave responded, albeit with brief and to-the-point answers, often offering a sentence or less. But Dave isn’t always so brief with his responses: he sat down with Joe Layden and wrote Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir, an autobiography about his life and struggles.
This autobiography about Dave’s life offers a view into a troubled life only he could give. Dave reveals his struggles with being raised in a Jehovah Witness household, his countless bouts with drug and alcohol addiction, his competitive nature to surpass Metallica’s success, and a troubled marriage. Yet through it all he overcomes his obstacles and finds himself in the process.
If you think being a rockstar is easy, read this book. If you are struggling with addiction and denial, read this book. If you are a fan of Dave Mustaine and simply want to know more, read this book. On second thought, regardless where you are or what you’re doing, READ THIS BOOK!
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