Look Who’s Using Seymour Duncan Pickups

Since there are so many guitar builders out there it could be a daunting task to find out who is using Seymour Duncan pickups. To ease the effort we compiled an extensive, albeit far from complete, list of builders who use our pickups.
Gibson Guitars
Gibson is one of the biggest guitar companies in the world that produce high quality guitars. The electric guitar that put Gibson on the map, and frankly put the electric guitar on the musical map, is the Les Paul. One of the most famous users of the Les Paul is of course Slash. With his Alnico 2 Pro Loaded Axe Slash recorded some of the most iconic rock tones of current memory. Take a look at Slash’s new signature Les Paul!
Known as the company that commercialized the electric guitar, Fender Guitars are renown for their ease of modification. Just stick in a new single coil or a new humbucker and you’ve practically got a whole new guitar. To meet the needs of some customers Fender developed, for instance, the Lone Star: a guitar with vintage appointments, but with some hot rodded features as well. What to think of the Pearly Gates Plus in the bridge of a Strat? Vintage sizzle with a slightly hotter output for a very versatile tone.
The godfather of Hotrod guitars. Stick a hot humbucker in a Strat, add a locking trem and voila: you’ve got the perfect axe for the hair metal of the eighties and of course many other styles!). The revered SH4 JB is one of the most popular pickups for these guitars and rightly so. The fluid feel goes extremely well with the tightness of the maple neck. The bodies on most Charvel guitars are made of alder which softens the brightness and upper mid spike of the JB.
Grover Jackson founded Jackson Guitars to cater the need of players who wanted more extreme looking guitars than what Charvel was willing to do. What to think of the Concorde? This is the first guitar to be labeled ‘Jackson’ and was made famous instantaneously by, of course, Randy Rhoads. The alder wings and the maple neckthru design offer a great sustain where as the ebony fretboard gives the guitar a slick, classy feel. Loaded up with a JB in the bridge and an SH2 Jazz in the neck to complete the set, this guitar smokes, rocks and screams! This guitar paired with Randy Rhoads’ immense popularity would eventually violently launch Jackson Guitars’ fame.
schecter-synyster1-850-100One of the companies to emerge in the boom of new luthiers during the 1970s was, amongst others, Schecter. Building their legacy on parts to create a high quality strat-clone and later on building complete guitars of the same high pedegree, Schecter changed their course at the start of this century by crafting affordable guitars for the demanding player who requires a fast, sleek axe for his hardrock and heavy metal-chops as well as lovely yet very expensive guitars for the guitar connaisseur. Check out this Synyster Gates-signature Custom with a set of custom wound Synyster Gates Invaders!
One of the oldest guitar companies still in existence, Washburn makes guitars for everybody. Great acoustics, superstrats and everything in between, Washburn makes them. The Custom Shop will make you some of the most amazing guitars, too! Check out this great signature guitar! It’s topped with top of Hawaiian Flamed Koa and it’s loaded with a ’59 in the neck position. Do you know to whom it belongs?
esp alex skolnickWhen you think of super-unique, one of a kind instruments, ESP is perhaps one of the most unique luthiers. You think it, they’ll make it! Fortunately for most of us, ESP also makes more conventional looking guitars like this new Alex Skolnick model. And if you’d rather check out the more out-there designs, you can often spot unique Custom Shop or Japan-only ESP models on the Seymour Duncan Facebook page.
5758When you talk about innovation one does not simply leave out Parker Guitars. Pushing the boundaries with glass fiber, epoxy and carbon fiber Parker Guitars endeavor to make lightweight yet super-resonant guitars. Some of their guitars are now topped with figured maple and have more conventional tonewoods, but their amazing visuals remain. How can you not love this amazing Snakeskin Parker loaded with Blackout pickups?!
Dean Guitars
Dean guitars are in the business of recreating modern guitars based on vintage designs. They reworked the V and Explorer and, arguably, made them better.  Mahogany bodies and necks, lovely flamed and quilted maple for their transparent finishes, top grade hardware and superb playability is what makes Dean Guitars so wonderful. Many players adopted Dean Guitars as their main axe, for instance, one of the most iconic metal-icons, Dave Mustaine, can be seen sporting Dean Guitars with his own Seymour Duncan Signature Dave Mustaine Live Wire pickups.
Yamaha is perhaps one of the most underrated guitar manufacturers around. Their name is strongly build on other fields in which they excel, so assuming their guitars would be great can be considered an understatement. Crafting instruments from the lowest to the highest price point, Yamaha never fails to deliver. Pair good craft with good hardware and a decent price and you’ve got something nothing short of a winning formula! Just take a look at this Yamaha 1611MS. An oil-finished single piece maple neck on a lovely ash body with a ’59 and a hotrails to complete the tonal picture, for a very affordable price!
Kramer, although now part of Gibson, used to be a company riddled with innovation. For instance, the first company to have the Floyd Rose tremolo system on a guitar as a stock option was Kramer. This led, of course, to Eddie Van Halen’s collaboration with Kramer. Now, they make insanely affordable superstrats. Full maple body, maple neck and fingerboard, a JB in the bridge and a Floyd Rose. Do you really need more than that if you just wanna ROCK?! Just check out the favorite guitar of Steel Panther’s Satchel, the Kramer Pacer!
DBZ Guitars

When Dean Zelinsky split off his former company, he launched DBZ guitars. Exciting yet familiar looks paired with great hardware, DBZ promises to deliver the goods with attitude!
I know I haven’t included every single builder, manufacturer and luthier who uses Seymour Duncan pickups. All I can hope for is that you get a general idea about which  builders are using  Seymour Duncan pickups on some of their models! If I left out your favorite builder, believe me: it wasn’t on purpose!

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    1. Great guitars and very affordable. We talked wtih Rob at NAMM and have a video we are working on.

  1. I’ve got a beautiful Knaggs Keya that came with a set of ’59s in it. Still one of my favorite pups SD makes

    1. it’s gonna take a while… they sound good in DiMarzios…
      the Ibanez Roadcore Prestige with SH-1n and SH-4 sounds awesome though….

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