Viewing Your Band As A Business: Introduction

The music industry is a difficult industry to break into. For every successful band, there are thousands of failed ones. Many young musicians sit in their rooms dreaming of making it big, like the idols covering their walls. They see the money, the girls, and the larger than life lifestyle and want it all. The problem lies in that they have no clue how to obtain it or even where to start.
They get some friends together to jam, maybe play a few shows, thinking that’s all there is to it. But contrary to popular belief, the music industry is a business. The record companies and endorsement deals are all there to make money. In order to have a fighting chance, you need to start viewing your band as a business. In the upcoming articles, we’ll address several different areas that can help you and your band become more focused and professional.
In this four part mini-series we’ll touch on the mission, the music, the image and the branding of a band. We’ll expand the vision of what a band is and what it can be. The examples we’ll use throughout these articles are Megadeth, Pantera and Avenged Sevenfold, all three featuring Seymour Duncan artists with their own signature pickups (LW-MustDimebucker SH-13 and Invader SH-8SG). The purpose of this series is to help you think more critically about how to approach your band. Viewing your band as a business only increases the odds of success, though cannot guarantee it. So if you’re interested in viewing your band as a 9-5 job, read the upcoming articles. Hey, what can it hurt?!

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