NAMM Day 4: Lita Ford, Ratt’s Warren DeMartini, booth shenanigans with the SD staff, and more…

The last day of 2011 NAMM was as busy as ever, with lots of people stopping by to ask about the Liberator, learn about Zephyr Silver premium pickups, and get autographs with Lita Ford and Ratt guitarist Warren Demartini.

Bill Kelliher of Mastodon checks out some Seymour Duncan stompboxes..

Willie Basse and

Swirl guitarist DT Jones with Seymour Duncan Custom Shop manager Maricela “MJ” Juarez.

Don Alder’s dynamic

playing brought the booth to a standstill. His aggressive strumming technique sounded astounding, courtesy of a Seymour Duncan Mag Mic combined with a D-Tar Wavelength under-saddle transducer .

Big grins from Lita Ford

of the Runaways and Warren DeMartini of Ratt.
The crowd goes wild for

Lita Ford and Warren DeMartini.
Love for MJ from

Schecter’s Mike Ciravolo and Daisy Rock’s Tish Ciravolo. All three are wearing MJ’s pickup necklaces.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at NAMM.  We  hope you enjoyed it as much as we

enjoyed having you.

And now, a glimpse behind the scenes:

Seymour Duncan co-founder Cathy Duncan poses with a historic photo of her and Seymour in the early days; Seymour Duncan product guru Scott Miller rocks out on the demo stage; Marketing sistant RJ Querfurth photobombs Seymour Duncan TV’s Chris Cortesi and clothing designer Dewi Villasenor.

Derek Duncan points out the pedal station. Executive projects manager and groovy boothconceptualizer Alison Dean, with clothing maven Dewi Villasenor, and the Seymour Duncan videocrew, Marcin Teodoru and Gille Klabin.

CEO Phil Ressler; social media mogul Patricia Yun, Custom Shop manager Maricela “MJ” Juarez,guy-who-keeps-computers-working Eric McMurtry, booth brainiac Alison Dean, and video team  arcin Teodoru and Gille Klabin.

The odd couple: VP of Product Frank Falbo and Seymour Duncan TV host Chris Cortesi; marketing guy Bill Leigh enjoys a cameo appearance from sister Tracey A. Leigh.

Co-founder Cathy, product guru Scott, and biz-development boss Evan Skopp; The Tone Bar- tenders: Brandon, James and Derek.

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