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Voices of MetalOla Englund is no stranger to the brutal sounds of high output metal and has become a well known shredder from his powerful YouTube videos, large online following and his band Feared who have just released a new album. This week, we talk with Ola about his music and what inspires him to write.

Ola Englund

How did you get started playing music?
“I come from a family where everyone played instruments, except me. It wasn’t until I was 13 my fellow classmates started playing the guitar. I thought it looked so easy and cool, I jumped on the bandwaggon. I also wanted to be cool. My dad had all the equipment at home so it was very easy to be the coolest kid in class. My first guitar ever was a white Fender Mustang.”
How do you find your inspiration?
“Obviously, from every event of my life, getting married, having kids, tough times, happy times. Life experience is inspiration. And I have a lot of inspiration. Also, my followers keep blowing my mind everyday by sending mails and commenting my videos,  I love my Youtube-posse. Boosts my confidence to keep on going.”
Tell us about your band Feared.
“Feared is a band that I started, to be able to express all my influences and everything I love about metal. Started out around 2007, formed a full 4-piece band, did a couple of shows. We stopped rehearsing, I continued to write songs and I ended up playing the songs in my Youtube-videos. Two album and one EP released, Rejects being the most recent one released in November 2011, as well as an instrumental album coming early next year. Simple put; Every bit of music I write and create are Feared songs.”
Any crazy touring stories you can tell us?Ola
“Not too many, but we had such a misfortune when my other band Scarpoint was on tour with Meshuggah, we were so happy that we got this tour, we had everything set and our own mini-van to get us from town to town that we had borrowed. Turns out the van had tires that blew up one after one along the way. We ended up buying tire after tire along the tour just to keep this van rolling and to get to our next gig. We got late to load ins and sound checks and it was just so embarrassing. At the time everyone in the Scarpoint was stressed and went on each others nerves but we made the gigs and now we can laugh at the whole situation. Also now the band owns 4 completely worthless tires.”
What defines a good performance to you?
“When there is a connection between the audience and you. I always give a 100% live and when the audience returns the favor I’m having the best time of my life. Oh and yeah, also knowing I have the best sound out of all the other bands and guitarist on the set also brings an evil grin to my face.”
For more information on Ola Englund, click here.
You can watch his videos on YouTube, here.

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