2017 NAMM Show: New Seymour Duncan Pickups and Pedals

Seymour Duncan is a name near and dear to many an electric guitarist’s heart, for developing some of the finest guitar pickups around, as well as excellent stompboxes, to boot. Now, at the 2017 NAMM Show, the company has added quite a few products to its lineup. Let’s get acquainted with them!

Mark Holcomb Signature Alpha and Omega Pickups

Designed to suit the versatile precision guitarists like Periphery’s Mark Holcomb bring to their instrument, these pickups bring both aggressive and fat tone to your guitar. The Omega is best situated in the bridge, and provides a percussive growl in the mids and lows. Even though it drives hard, the pickup brings out the brightness and precision of your guitar, allowing you to cut through a mix with notes and chords alike. The Alpha goes in the neck position, though it is voiced to represent the best qualities of neck and bridge pickups alike. It offers a larger-than-life sheen that, though warm, will highlight your pick attack and fret-hand phrasing. You’ll find models for six-stringed, seven-stringed, and eight-stringed guitars in this series.

Duality Pickups

This series of humbucking pickups combines passive voicing with active dynamics to give you powerful mids, punchy lows, and highs that bring a dimensionality to your sound. They respond organically to your playing, providing an output level that will suit low and high volumes alike. It’s powerfully controlled enough for metal, but can handle traditional blues and rock with élan and éclat in equal measure. Even though these pickups provide the same tonal possibilities as passive breeds, they also come with an onboard active preamp.

PowerStage Power Amp

Giving you either 170 or 700W of power, depending on which model you choose, the PowerStage is intended for guitarists who’d rather shape their tone with pedals and effects processors than preamps. It gives you discrete stereo outputs and is small enough to carry around with ease. Not just suitable for the stage, these power amps will excellently complement any project studio. The 170 is the size of a normal stompbox, and thus, will fit on your pedalboard for convenient control on stage. The 700 is a rackmount unit and features True Cab Circuitry (TCC) that emulates the response of guitar cabinets, bringing such tone straight to the house’s PA or your own personal monitors.

Andromeda Dynamic Delay

With warm, seductive repeats and much in the way of dynamic interaction, this digital delay pedal is rife with controls, giving you a whole bunch of knobs for feedback, saturation, tone, modulation, mix, delay time, and tap value. Speaking of tapping, there’s also a tap-tempo footswitch for dictating tempi with your toes. A selector allows you to choose between normal, ping-pong, reverse, and reverse pong—in analog and digital voicings. Finally, there’s a whole dynamic expression section, with threshold, selectable knees, and your choice of modulation, saturation or, for the heck of it, both.

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