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      1. The string is stretched further with the 25.5″ making a tighter vibration. a firmer tone with more high end and tight bass, It also offers more accurate notation The 24″ is slightly shorter so the string vibrate more drastically when strummed because it’s slightly looser. this is a warmer tone that will sustain longer with easier bends. so basically 25.5 intonation with tight clarity, 24 or 24.75 slinky feel with warm sustain. Another thing that highlights the tonal difference of say a strat and a les paul.

  1. When he plays the last guitar (the red one) he’s claiming to use the hybrid but you can clearly see the toggle switch is flipped to the neck position. There’s a zephyr installed in that guitars neck position! What the … ?

    1. hey dennis ever played a wolfgang…..they’re reversed. I mean is it an utter guitar sin to flip the switch around in some desperate act of guitar bravado??? I really hope you were being fecicious and not continuing to convince me that guitar players are really the dumbest life forms on planet earth.

  2. I’m a little confused. The 59/Custom hybrid is, well, a hybrid of the 59 and Custom series. So why would you demo the 59 and the JB rather than the 59 and a Custom?

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