Dean Introduces The Dave Mustaine StradiVMNT

Earlier this year, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine unveiled a very special Dean guitar for his “Symphony Interrupted” performance with the San Diego Symphony at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, California: the StradiVMNT. At the time it was a one-off special item for Dave to play at the show, but now you’ll be able to own a StradiVMNT of your very own (if you’re quick): Dean has announced that they’re building 50 limited edition StradiVMNTs which are available for preorder now.
Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine LW-MUST LIvewiresThe StradiVMNT features a Mahogany body with a figured, flame Maple arch top with violin-style F-holes, a Mahogany Dave Mustaine-spec D-shaped neck with Ebony fretboard, and a Tune-O-Matic bridge with through-body stringing. The pickups are a set of Seymour Duncan LW-MUST Dave Mustaine LiveWire active humbuckers. Based on the tonality of the passive JB and Jazz humbuckers, the LW-MUST set was developed a few years ago when Mustaine was looking for a little extra something in his tone.

“I was not an active guy at all,” Mustaine told us in a 2012 interview. “I had heard all these guys using EMGs and I just thought, you know what, you all sound the same. You all got this Mesa Boogie sound that’s just totally identical. Everybody has got the same detuned sloppy, slappy, processed mid-range kind of sound. And to me it couldn’t have been farther from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal when it came down to that classic English crunch sound. So when the idea of having active pickups came around I was like ‘no.’ And then Evan Skopp (former Seymour Duncan Head of Artist Relations) reminded me that it was Seymour Duncan and I figured, ‘you know, I am going to be put my apprehension aside and trust these guys.’ They are the best at making pickups in the business. When I heard them I was like, oh my god – this is amazing. I had to make a little bit of adjustment in my head and sound-wise with our EQ but if anything it simplified the process of getting great sound.”

You can pre-order the StradiVMNT here.
Dean-DaveMustaineStradiVMNT-01 Dean-DaveMustaineStradiVMNT-03 Dean-DaveMustaineStradiVMNT-04

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    1. USA Dean: like $3k, but since it’s limited to 50 models AND has a signature name, it’s probably gonna demand like $5k USD

  1. I’d much rather buy a Jeff Waters signature modell for like 800 bucks. It’s AT LEAST just as good and besides, it’s a signature by a much better player.

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