Introducing The 805 Overdrive

Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive pedalThe 805 Overdrive pedal was designed by asking ourselves a simple question: What would our ideal overdrive pedal be like? The answer was that it would give a natural, warm, tube-like character and have the extreme versatility to go from blues to modern metal. You’d be able to dial in a fat crunch, subtle boost, sparkly clean or an all out gritty rich howling overdrive. That’s the 805. You can take the gain from 8dB for a mild boost all the way to 36dB for completely saturated leads. And unlike other overdrives that give you a thin sound when you tighten up the gain, the onboard 3-band active EQ with Treble, Bass and Mid controls allows you to dial the lows back in, beef up your mids and get the high end just right.

The 805 Overdrive can be used to give your already-distorted sound a boost with full overtones and detail, or to give any clean channel a boutique amp-like feel. Full-sounding saturation remains natural without getting compressed, allowing you to feel and hear each note. Like the Dirty Deed and Vapor Trail, the 805 is assembled at the Seymour Duncan Factory in Santa Barbara, California and is true-bypass.

Here are the specs: 

Distortion Circuitry: Glass diode, back-to-back stack.

Bypass: True bypass

Gain Control Range: 8dB to 36dB.

EQ Center Frequencies:

• Bass – 90 Hz +/- 11dB
• Mid – 750 Hz +/- 11dB
• Treble – 2.1 kHz +/- 12dB
EQ Center Frequencies:

• Minimum gain, 20 to 20kHz – 112dBV
• Minimum gain, 400 to 20kHz – 114dBV
• Maximum gain, 20 to 20kHz – 97.5dBv
• Maximum gain, 400 to 20kHz – 98 dBV
THD @10mVrms input @ 1 kHz with 12 dB of gain: 0.15%
Max Output before Saturation: 0.6Vrms
Input Impedance: 470k Ohms
Output Impedance: 1k Ohms
Power: 9V battery or external 9 to 18V Regulated DC Adapter (center negative)
Current consumption: 4.5mA
Dimensions: 2.61” X 4.90” X 1.45”

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