#AprilFool2015 Introducing The Acoustic Slug

If you ask acoustic guitarists what they’re looking for from their guitars, they’ll all tell you the same thing, whether they play folk, country, blues, country-blues, blues-folk, folk-country, or even classical; they all want crushing brutal distortion which can stun small animals, shock medium-sized ones and plunge large ones into a deep existential crisis. Today’s acoustic guitarists are really pushing the boundaries of tone, and we figured that the perfect way to take their sound to the next level was to adapt one of our most unique electric guitar pickups to make it better suited to acoustic guitar.

Meet the Acoustic Slug.


Acoustic Slug

The electric version of the Slug is an imposing beast with a DC Resistance of 48K, designed specifically with Stoner Rock and Doom Metal guitar tones in mind. It provides an immensely thick tone that retains just enough articulation for individual notes.

With its special soundhole-mount design, the Acoustic Slug has been refined to reduce feedback while taking advantage of the generally bigger mass of acoustic strings to generate even more output. So whether you’re delicately caressing the arpeggios of James Taylor’s “Fire And Rain,” exploring the marriage of Brazillian folk and contemporary classical music in Villa-Lobos’s “Chôro No. 1” or plucking the gently percussive chords of John Mayer’s “Your Body Is A Wonderland” for your sweetie, the Acoustic Slug will let you do it with the rudest, most ear-searing, wall-rattling distortion imaginable.

The Acoustic Slug is available from the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop with special soundhole mount, earplugs, 100 copies of a form letter apologizing to your neighbors for the sonic assault, and a Blackouts Modular Preamp for increased gain and grind. Orders are open between 00:01 and 23:39 on April 1.

Acoustic Slug soundhole mount

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