Introducing The Killing Floor High Gain Boost

“Bluesy.” That’s the word that kept coming up time and time again when we asked our group of beta testers to try the Killing Floor High Gain Boost pedal. If that describes the sound you’re chasing, you have to step on this little monster.

One of our most popular pedals is the Pickup Booster: when we relaunched our pedal line it was the natural choice to lead the charge. But just because the Pickup Booster has found a home on thousands of pedalboards doesn’t mean there isn’t room for further experimentation in the boost category. So while the Pickup Booster is designed to be a transparent clean boost with tone-shaping options, the Killing Floor has its own unmistakably bluesy voice to sweeten or darken your tone as you see fit.

The Killing Floor is both a volume boost and a musical, amp-like overdrive all in one. You can use it to increase your overall output for solos, to push a tube amp further into overdrive, or you can kick it in for a beefy and expressive solo voice. It offers up to 34dB of gain, while the 3-way Voicing toggle switch lets you select between a 10k boost (for adding more highs to dark pickups or even more edge to already-bright ones), a 4.8k cut for smoother, sweeter or fatter tones, and a flat setting.

Seymour Duncan Killing Floor Pedal

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