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We’re always listening to the requests of our players: more active options, more extended-range pickups, more custom shop offerings, unique pickups like the ’59/Custom Hybrid (which was born out of experiments by members of our User Group Forum).One request we’ve been hearing a lot lately is for alternate magnet types compared to the most commonly-used Alnico 2, Alnico 5 and Ceramic. So for those who want something a little different we’ve developed a new Alnico 4 humbucker set with a tone all its own, yet instantly recognizable too. Meet the Saturday Night Special.

Alnico 4 magnets are a little more reigned-in in the treble and bass frequencies, which keeps them from sounding too harsh or too boomy. Pickups made with these magnets are generally more even-voiced. And In terms of output, the Saturday Night Special set falls midway between vintage 50s humbuckers and modern versions; they have just enough power to push your amp into an edgier tone, but they stop short of the kind of growl you would get from a modern humbucker. Think 70s arena rock, walls of non-master-volume Marshalls, cherry sunburst Les Pauls, denim and maybe a fringed jacket.

The bridge pickup is a little hotter and fatter for a more muscular tone that’s perfect for driving a cranked tube head, but it still has lots of ‘ring’ when you play complex chords, and the clean tone is bright but not harsh. The neck pickup is a little clearer and less ‘wooly’ than most vintage-voiced humbuckers. It’ll give you a sweet, slinky tone when playing leads, and when run clean, you’ll get a sweet, slightly jazzy tonality which is great for chord work.

You can get the Saturday Night Special in a matched set or as individual bridge and neck models, in black uncovered bobbins, zebra uncovered bobbins or under gold or nickel covers.

Saturday Night Special

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  1. I have been wondering if SD would ever venture into the Alnico IV realm. Some of my favorite pickups have been A4 and they almost always retain the natural tone of the instrument, compared to other pickups that tend to add color and accentuate their own EQ. A very interesting offering from the SD camp, and one that doesn’t seem to be getting any attention. It has my interest piqued… lets hope it doesn’t get phased out due to lack of sales/marketing.

  2. I recently bough a nice little Yamaha 611VFM 2nd hand for the right price, with a C5 and a Duncan P90 in the neck. I was amazed at the sound and playability of this fine guitar though my gear. If you haven’t tried one check it out. Plenty of stuff on U-tube. Its a bit unusual blending a P90 with the C5 but there seems to be scope for awesomeness. I would like to have a Gibson style four pot arrangement to blend volume and tone, do you think I could get this with stacked pots? Something I’ve never tried before, thanks.

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