New Dave Mustaine Cover Options

_MG_9646The Dave Mustaine Livewire pickups are designed to give you the benefits of an active pickup (in this case the voicing is matched with the JB/Jazz) but without the drawbacks commonly associated with active pickups. They are organic sounding, with lots of aggression but equal amounts of clarity. They can easily go from the screaming raw distortion that Dave Mustaine and Megadeth have been known for, but also have the versatility to play different styles or do clear cleans. They respond extremely well to pick attack and bring in buckets of sustain. Rolling the volume up or down allows you an immense amount of control from going to dirt with edge to unleashing a tornado of sound. You can bring it up to as much as 25 volts for increased headroom.

As of now you’ll be able to order the Dave Mustaine Livewire in gold and nickel as well as the usual black nickel. All hardware needed comes with it, the pots, battery clip, and jack.

The story of the LW-MUST goes way back when Dave had already been using the JB/Jazz combo for many years. Dave tells the story: “When I tried the JB it was just truly amazing, but again as an artist I kind made my own evaluation of it and found there was just a little bit of holes in it tone wise. I had known of Seymour and respected him tremendously and when the opportunity came along to talk to him about using the JB, he agreed and I felt like I had won the lottery. There are certain things that you get, they may be small but they are very important. When I heard them (LW-MUST) I was like, oh my god – this is amazing.”
We recently caught up with Dave at NAMM to discuss these pickups and his line of signature Dean guitars that use them.

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  1. I love Dave and Seymour Duncans but I never understood why people want someone else’s name on their guitar.

    1. I agree I wish these were the same without his name on them. However I have a set and they sound awesome. Way better than emgs.

  2. I use the Mustaine Livewires pretty extensively in two different guitars and I’m always amazed at their versatility. Sure, you can get screaming distortion but the clean tones are also quite good. Lots of depth and detail. You can hear every note clearly. It’s every thing I liked about the Hotrodded Humbucker set, but more.

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