Quarter Pound Jazz and P-J Sets Now Available

P-J Bass PickupsThe Quarter Pound bass pickups provide a sonically full voice with a hold on to your hats high-output punch. Each strike of the string provides a full low end bite with plenty of sustain. They’ve provided their unique punch for bass players from Blink 182, Alient Ant Farm, Rise Against, Bad Religion and Smashing Pumpkins. Players who have a P-J bass will now be able to get the rich tone of the Quarter Pound pickups with our new P-J 4-String Bass Set. You’ll also be able to get the SJB-3 Quarter Pound Jazz bass pickups in a calibrated 4-string Neck/Bridge Set.

Here’s a demo of the Jazz version of these pickups that shows the massive tone with plenty of sustain and harmonics.

These pickups work well with classic rock, hard rock, punk, grunge and metal. For more versatility you can add a 2 or 3 band tone circuit. Each pickup is hand built in Santa Barbara, California.

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  1. i heard that these pickups would be really massive when accompanied by the SMB5D humbucker. any thoughts on that combo? these pups sound killer!

    1. I’m looking for a jazz and music man pickups to match the spd4 pickups (the Steve Harris sigs) for my spear flex tool are these out there?

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