Tone of The Beast: Steve Harris Bass Pickup

The British Invasion continues with our newest offering, The Steve Harris SPB-4 Bass Pickup. While being new in that you will be able to get it at your favorite music store, it’s actually the same custom pickup that Steve Harris has been using for over ten years. Steve has always had a tone and playing style that is instantly identifiable, and given his playing range and sledgehammer fingers it was necessary to get a pickup that had the right balance. The resulting SPB-4 has been road-tested with Iron Maiden around the world for more than a decade.

The custom-spec vintage-hot coil windings (13k Ohms), and Alnico 5 rod magnets provide just the right combination of warmth and punch to compliment Steve’s distinctive two-fingered playing style. The hook-up consists of a standard two-wire P-Bass setup, and the covers feature both the Seymour Duncan logo and Steve’s signature logo.

Steve Harris is the man who founded Iron Maiden (and his new project, British Lion) and has served as one of the most influential metal bass players of all time, with a style of playing and tone that is truly unique. Scott Miller of Seymour Duncan New Products Department says, “We worked to develop a pickup that could stay warm and deep, something that could fill up the mix without becoming boomy. The Steve Harris SPB-4 achieves this by finding the right balance between warmth, articulation and cut.”

Hear the SPB-4 in action:

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