Welcome to the revamped Seymour Duncan website at seymourduncan.com!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newly revamped company website at www.seymourduncan.com.

Created with you guys, our amazing audience, in mind, the site includes improvements to help you quickly and easily navigate the wide variety of gear options—for beginner and professionals alike—such as:

  • The NEW Seymour Duncan Knowledge Base where you can easily search for answers to all your pickup questions, as well as browse a database of interesting articles on a plethora of guitar/bass related topics
  • Improved product organization and one-touch filtering to simplify your shopping experience
  • An upgraded Pickup Finder wizard to help your find the right product and discover your dream tone
  • The addition of customer reviews on all product pages (woo hoo!)
  • Updated Wiring Diagrams to enable easy DIY pickup installation

Here are a few videos to help you navigate the new website, use our online tools you’ve come to know and love, and explore some of the new features that we have available on the site:

How to use the pickup finder

How to use the NEW Knowledge Base:

How to find a Les Paul wiring diagram

How to find a Strat wiring diagram

How to find a Tele wiring diagram

How to select and order a pickup:

How to read product tech specs:


How to find a pedal user guide:

AND…. if you’re up for a challenge and a way to earn 10% off, we encourage you to join the Seymour Duncan Virtual Scavenger Hunt here: http://www.seymourduncan.net/webscavengerhunt.

This new website will be updated regularly with new educational content, new product launch updates, artist activity, and events so please check back often!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I noticed that the great “guitar wiring 101” text on your site got changed in the revamping of your website. It’s now missing the pictures and the text format changed as well. It is a great article, I would love to see the pictures again because it really made me understand what I read. Could you please fix it? 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks for the info and glad you found that helpful. We’re working hard to have all the correct content on the new site. We’ll add this to our bug queue. Thank you!

  2. Very nice, new website! But is there a way to find information from your old website? I was looking for a series of articles called ‘Pickups 101’. I don’t seem to get any hits, using your search bar. And your archive seems to need a specific period or month, which I don’t know.

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