Introducing The Andromeda Dynamic Delay Pedal

Delay is one of those effects that you can use either as an ambient one to help give your guitar a sense of place within a song, or as a more obvious effect, used for its rhythmic or textural traits. The Andromeda Dynamic Delay does all of these with studio quality but it also adds a whole new definition for what delay can be.

The Andromeda uses the same Dynamic Expression™ technology found in the Catalina Dynamic Chorus to let you control certain effect parameters with your picking strength. You can use it like a traditional ‘ducking’ delay, where the repeats are mixed a little lower while you’re playing, but that’s just the beginning. You can also apply Dynamic Expression to Modulation or Saturation parameters, and change the intensity of those effects just by changing how hard you pick. And you can set the effect to go in either direction: have your modulation max out when you really dig in, or just the opposite.

The Andromeda has digital and analog-simulated versions of Normal, Ping Pong, Reverse and Reverse Pong delay types. A Tap Tempo footswitch and a Tap Value control let you quickly sync your echo repeats to the song, and the Andromeda can also store your presets for easy recall or be controlled via MIDI. It has stereo inputs and outputs, and you can decide whether the repeats cut off immediately when you hit the Bypass switch or trail off naturally. The Tap/Presets switch also has a Hold For Freeze function that gives you a further level of interaction during live performance.

We’ll let Seymour Duncan SVP of Products & CRO, Max Gutnik, tell you more about the Andromeda. “We created Andromeda to sound amazing and solve a few unique problems for delay users. First, nobody likes paging through layers of menus to find key features inside an LCD or LED display, so we put all of Andromeda’s features and functionality on to the surface of the pedal.”

“Second, players want the ability to create different colors and textures with their delay tone. So we provided both analog and digital delay palettes with a lot of tone-shaping functionality that can easily tweaked and shaped to taste. And finally, Dynamic Expression’s ability calibrate how much effect you’re getting based on your playing intensity is huge. It’s almost like having a virtual engineer riding the effects mix for you. When players get a hold of Andromeda and see how much it can enhance their performance, I think they’re gonna to be stoked.”

With Andromeda, digital delay is finally given the same natural interactivity and intuitiveness as effects like overdrive and wah-wah. Delay is no longer just an ambient effect that follows your guitar sound – it can also become an integral part of your performance.

The Andromeda Dynamic Delay is made in the USA and is available now.

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