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More players than ever are using pedals as the basis for their sound, but amplifying them presents a lot of issues with travel and portability. The new PowerStage™ 170 is a 170-watt power amp with a clean preamp section and 3-band global EQ designed as the perfect complement to pedalboards and digital modeling devices. Think of it as a clean amp head designed to work with your pedals and a speaker cabinet. Suddenly traveling for fly dates is easier; packing your gear for a jam is easier; loading in for a gig is easier; and more importantly, your sound is more controllable and more pedal-friendly.

“After launching Palladium, we felt there was finally a real amp-in-a-box-solution for players to take advantage of,” says Seymour Duncan SVP of Products & CRO Max Gutnik. “Still, guitar players using Palladium were in need of an amp to provide power and a clean channel. So we thought, what if we took some of the design innovations we used to create Palladium’s reactive amp-like qualities and applied that to a power amp that was powerful enough to drive your live rig, yet small enough to live comfortably on your pedal board? And then we added a global EQ that was musical with lots of resolution, so you could tune it to your cabinet and make quick changes at the gig when needed.”

“Finally, we wanted to make it easy to change the level with your foot, so we put a big metal knob on it and made the unit just a bit higher than your other pedals, so that when you rested your foot on it, you wouldn’t change the setting on the pedals next to it.”

PowerStage 170 is rated at 4 Ohms, and its 3-band EQ lets you put the finishing touch on your sound depending on the room you’re playing in and the cabinet you’re playing through. It’s small enough to fit on your pedalboard and lightweight enough to take the sting out of excess baggage fees.


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