Seymour Duncan Announces The Air Extreme Pickup For Air Guitar

The Seymour Duncan Air Extreme is the first guitar pickup designed exclusively for air guitar players. We’ve taken into account every aspect of what people love about air guitar: the styling, the ergonomics and the attitude, and created a pickup that looks right at home in any air guitar you install it in.

The Air Extreme is suited to any genre of music, from the gentlest ballad to the most headbanging thrash-a-thon you can imagine. We use a proprietary combination of Oxygen, Nitrogen and CO2 plus a few other trace elements to create the most lightweight pickup ever. It’s also extremely environmentally friendly: all of the materials are sustainably sourced and the manufacturing process produces zero carbon footprint.

The Air Extreme is available in Humbucker and Trembucker spacings, in two colors: Crystal Clear and LA Smog. Every pickup is handmade in Santa Barbara, California from exclusively USA-sourced materials. It is available from April 1, 2017.

Inserting Air Extreme pole pieces
Winding Air Extreme coils
Testing the DC Resistance of a completed coil
Wax-potting a batch of Air Extremes
A completed Air Extreme
Note the Air Paper box insert with new logo. We worked really hard on this new logo which is exclusive to this pickup.

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