Seymour Duncan 3rd Annual Notes For Notes Benefit

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131206-1494Being a company founded with the heart of musicians, we’ve always tried to give back whenever we could to support important causes. And one such cause near and dear to us is supporting kids’ music education. Three years ago we were approached by a local group called Notes For Notes that was doing some amazing stuff; building studios where kids could come and record, and providing free use of the professional studio and all the instruments. So we decided to put on our first ever benefit concert, which featured Steve Miller and raised over $50,000. The next year we decided to do it again, this time with blues virtuoso Joe Bonamassa and Grammy award winning Los Lobos. Over the years Notes For Notes have expanded their program into Los Angeles and Nashville and are gearing up to go into New York City, San Francisco and Miami. This year we had an all-star cast of musicians who volunteered their time to play our 3rd annual benefit concert for Notes For Notes.

At the beginning of the concert, Seymour Duncan Co-Founder and CEO Cathy Carter Duncan spoke about the importance of nurturing after-school music education and giving back to our community.

131206-0340 (1)

Jimmy Vivino with The Basic Cable Band came out and remarked, “how can we say no to supporting kids music education? We have to support this, especially nowadays.” They then launched into a swinging menagerie of songs.

Don Felder of The Eagles came out and played an amazing “Hotel California.”

Alan Parsons  came out and gave us a blast of melodic psychedelic with “Eye In The Sky”, “Sirius” and “Don’t Answer Me”.

Robert Randolph came out and gave his pedal steel guitar a run for its money, tipping it at a 90 degree angle, playing with a soda can and putting out some great sounds. His call and responses with Jimmy Vivino was a highlight — you could barely tell Jimmy’s voice from Randolph’s pedal steel guitar.

Robert Randolph

Seymour W. Duncan was out jamming with Alastair Greene & Johnny Hawthorn and he used his new Cherry Ash Tele-Gib with Shari Puorto.

Slash came out and  jammed with Jimmy Vivino and Seymour, with Shari Puorto and Jimmy on vocals.  Their first song was a version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House” with Slash and Jimmy on acoustic. Then everyone else came out and launched into “Papa was a Rolling Stone” where Slash put his wah to full effect.

Towards the end of the show they were joined by Chimaway Lopez who has been  involved at making music at the Notes For Notes studio for the last five years and is their first ever Hall of Fame inductee.


There was also a ton of gear auctioned off, all donated from folks like Fender, Schecter, Epiphone, Danelectro, ESP, Dunlop and countless others. Thanks to all the companies and musicians who helped in making this event a success.

For more information on Notes For Notes, click here.



Written on December 10, 2013, by Kat King

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