Telegib And The Birth Of The JB

Telecaster or Les Paul? What do you do when you can’t decide?… Well, when you’re Seymour W. Duncan you infuse the best of both into one guitar, the “TeleGib”. While doing so, you also create a legendary set of pickups, the SH-2Nn Jazz neck and SH-4 JB bridge pickup… also known as the “Hot Rodded Humbucker Set”. This set has been popular with many players from many different genres and styles for over 40 years and still to this day remain Seymour’s personal favorite set. After trading the first TeleGib to Jeff Beck (that was used on the Blow by Blow record), Seymour missed it so much that he decided to build another for himself. He still has the second one he built. He recorded many songs with it and performed with it many times over the years. Watch to get the full story…

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