Comparing The 805 & Forza Overdrives

By Kevin Harvey

You might be wondering: what exactly is it that differentiates the 805 Overdrive and the Forza Overdrive? While these two pedals may have a similar, user-friendly and versatile architecture, they’re drastically different effects and are designed to provide players with two vastly differing tonal palates.

While many overdrives emphasize particular frequencies, the Forza gives you a more even spread across the frequency range. The voicing is very open, and it sounds just as good through a clean channel or hitting an already-overdriven amp. In addition to up to 37dB of gain, there’s a three-band EQ for controlling the lows, mids and highs, and the Level control has plenty of range to allow you to use it as a clean boost too. In a nutshell, the Forza gives you more of what you already love in your amplifier.

On the other hand, the 805 Overdrive has that classic mid-hump and sound, although we’ve updated it with a three-band EQ that allows some additional tone shaping. The 805 is perfect for the midrange response needed for hard rock and modern metal, and is great for turning a Marshall JCM 800 into a crunchy metal machine and for tightening up amps like a Mesa Boogie Triple Rec or Peavey 6505.

To sum it up: the 805 fills in the gaps in an amp’s feel and voicing, particularly in the midrange, while the Forza gives you a smoother sounding overdrive with more overall gain, a lower resonant peak (550hz vs. 805hz), more low frequency information, and slightly less midrange. The Forza’s sound is fatter and more scooped, and it has enough available gain to be used as a stand-alone distortion box. For extra fun, try using a Forza for your main rhythm sound followed by an 805 to re-shape the mids and boost the volume level for solos!

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