Balancing Pickups With Different Outputs

By Brandon Ficquette, Seymour Duncan Customer Support
A while back, Frank Falbo posted a great tip about adjusting your pickup height to fine-tune your output and sound.
But what about balancing the output of more than one pickup? You can do this the same way–using the pickup height adjustment screws.
Start by adjusting the bridge pickup first. The closer you get to the bridge, the less string vibration there is, which means a lower output and a brighter tone. To get the most out of your bridge pickup, raise it as close to the strings as you can–generally about 1/8″ away, or two pennies–while pressing the string down at the highest fret. From there adjust the bass and treble side so they are matched in output (unless you intentionally want more bass or treble). It doesn’t have to be that close strings; if your ears prefer a softer sound, back it off a bit.
Now that you have adjusted your bridge pickup, adjust the others to match the bridge pickup’s output. In most cases the neck and middle pickups will be a little further away from the strings.

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