Friends of SD: Parsons Guitars


What kind of person appears in movies, defended the country as part of an urban assault team, and builds unique guitars by himself combining old world craftsmanship, art deco design elements with a bit of spookiness thrown in? That person is Ventura, California’s Randy Parsons. With his company, Parsons Guitars, he builds whatever he can think of, leaving established classic designs to someone else. His vision is as unique as his price ranges, from the new Bruja model, all the way to the flagship of his Wonderland Series, The Mad HatterContinue reading

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New Guitars of 2015 With Seymour Duncan Pickups

The NAMM show of 2015 is behind us for a  couple of weeks now and the dust of all the newly released gear is settling down. It’s time to see what’s new, hot and smokin’ in the world of guitars, as well as taking a look at who’s using Seymour Duncan pickups, granting you the possibility to perhaps try out a pickup you always wanted to hear in your favorite brand or model!


jacksons at namm

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Effects Basics: The Volume Control


The most overlooked effects of all time are the ones that come first in the chain. I’m talking about the tonal variations/special effects you can achieve with the volume (and tone) controls. These two sleeping giants affect the pickups directly, before they get to your sweet pedalboard, yet most guitarists barely touch them. This article will explain exactly what these knobs do (duh!) and how you can use them to fool your audience into thinking that they are listening to a cello, steel guitar, or keyboard. Once you get to know these knobs well, it may even affect future guitar purchases! Continue reading

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When ‘The One That Got Away’ Meets ‘New Guitar Day’

We just wanted to share something really cool that happened on our Facebook page the other day. It all started when we posted this image for Valentine’s Day, featuring an already-hard-to-find Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Rosso Corsa Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash signature humbuckers.


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Buying A New Amp

DSC00106.JPGWhen you’re looking for the right amp you need to consider many factors, and it can be a daunting experience. Let’s take a look at what some features and specs mean, what they do for you and some other factors you may want to think about when going for your new amp purchase.

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Seymour W. Duncan’s Interview With Seth Lover

In June 1978, Seymour W. Duncan visited Seth E. Lover – inventor of the Gibson ‘Patent Applied For’ humbucking pickups – at his home in Garden Grove, California. Seymour and Seth later went on to develop the SH-55 Seth Lover Model humbucker. Here is that historic discussion as transcribed by Seymour in 1995.

I guess I’ll start with where you where raised and born and where you raised in California?

I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan at what they called the Borgus Hospital and it’s no longer there, and a new one built outside of town. Where I was born I believe is now the Upjohn Company. They make drugs and so forth. I lived there till I was about seven years old and my parents moved to Hastings. From Hasting, Mich. I stayed there till after World War I then we moved to Muskeegan. Then in 1921 I was sent from Muskeegan I was sent to my grandparents in Pennsylvania. I lived with them till they both died then I went to work with another guy on a farm there and while I was still with my grandparents I built my first radio about 1922-23. I’d been interested in radio and while I was working on another farm I took a radio course “Radio Association of America.” A.G. Mohawk, President I can remember that. and I was really disappointed in that course because I was supposed to get parts to build a large radio, instead of that I got an “Airline” radio already built. [Laugh]. Less batteries and speakers. So I had a little money in the bank and took it out to buy batteries and a speaker for it and I wanted something I could put together. Continue reading

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Getting A Big PAF Sound With The Little ’59


Humbuckers are defintely my favourite type of pickup. But your favourite guitar may only come routed for single coil pickups, so how are you to get your humbucker fix? Well you could modify the guitar by routing out the body and pickguard if the guitar has one, but that’s pretty extreme. This is where single coil sized humbuckers come into play. Seymour Duncan have a range of single coil sized humbuckers that offer all sorts of flavours, from vintage-spec through to fire-breathing modern models. The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop can also make pretty much anything you can dream of. I recently completed a custom guitar build with a humbucker/single (HS) set up. I wanted a single-coil-sized humbucker for the neck, and the first pickup I’m trying in this position is the Little ’59 for Strat. Continue reading

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New Dave Mustaine Cover Options

_MG_9646The Dave Mustaine Livewire pickups are designed to give you the benefits of an active pickup (in this case the voicing is matched with the JB/Jazz) but without the drawbacks commonly associated with active pickups. They are organic sounding, with lots of aggression but equal amounts of clarity. They can easily go from the screaming raw distortion that Dave Mustaine and Megadeth have been known for, but also have the versatility to play different styles or do clear cleans. They respond extremely well to pick attack and bring in buckets of sustain. Rolling the volume up or down allows you an immense amount of control from going to dirt with edge to unleashing a tornado of sound. You can bring it up to as much as 25 volts for increased headroom.
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Pickups for Other Instruments


Not only does Seymour Duncan make guitar pickups and pedals but they also have developed a whole line of transducers that faithfully replicate the sounds of many instruments, including cello, banjo, acoustic bass, oud, mandolin, steel guitar, and even the human voice. This article will introduce you to the the pickups for those other instruments, which, until now, did not have a faithful way of making them much, much louder. Continue reading

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The Studio Bass Compressor

Studio-Bass-CompressorThey are a lot of situations where having a Compressor can come in handy, both in the studio and on stage. Maybe you’re playing funk or slap and need to limit the dynamic range so each note rings out evenly without being harsh or overbearing. Or in live applications where a strong and present bass sound is needed but where there may be strict limitations on the overall volume. Perhaps you just need a little smoothing out. Enter the Studio Bass Compressor: It was designed to be incredibly feature rich, of the highest fidelity and provide accentuated picking and to even out your single-note runs. Continue reading

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