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The Birth of the Black Winter

Seymour Duncan offers many different pickups for many different kinds of players, and a lot of the time those pickups are built with a particular tonal mission in mind: a pickup for blues, for hard rock, for jazz. But perhaps the most specific ‘genre’ pickup in the Seymour Duncan catalog is the Black Winter. This is a humbucker whose entire reason for being is to blast […] Continue Reading

Inside The Alnico II Pro Slash Signature Set

It’s impossible to overstate the influence that Slash has had on the world of guitar. When Guns N’ Roses first hit the big time, hard rock players generally favored pointy guitars with Floyd Roses and bright, flashy paint jobs. In contrast, Slash adopted more of a ‘classic rock’ vibe with his choice of Les Pauls and earthy, Marshall-driven tones. Slash’s pickup of choice has been the […] Continue Reading

Guitars Of Summer NAMM

By Martina Fasano Summer NAMM. It’s almost like the overlooked middle child of the family when compared to the “Golden Child” that is Winter NAMM. That being said, many of the company reps I have spoken to over the years will tell you that Summer NAMM is actually a better place to do what they’re all there to do: work and network. It also goes without […] Continue Reading

Passive P-Bass Pickup Roundup

It is hard to believe that there was a time before the electric bass. But just about 70 years ago, the Dark Ages were upon us as bassists were still using upright basses for new forms of dance music becoming popular with teenage audiences. These bassists were still packing their oversized violas in the Family Truckster, dragging it up on the bandstand and swaying from side-to-side […] Continue Reading

Introducing The Bonamassa Signature Skinner Burst Pickup Set

‘Principal Skinner’ is the name of one of Joe Bonamassa’s most prized guitars, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, serial number # 9-1951. It’s had four owners in its lifetime, staying in the one family from 1959 to 2006 before finding its way into Joe’s hands in 2011. If you’ve heard it you’d know that it has a lot of magic in it. Continue Reading

That Poor, Misunderstood Telecaster Rhythm Pickup

By Dave Eichenberger In the beginning, there was the Esquire. Almost 70 years ago, the genesis of the Telecater started with its one-pickup father, which contained a single bridge pickup with a 3-way switch giving us a few sounds that couldn’t be found on the later Telecaster. Continue Reading

5 Cool Ways To Use The Shapeshifter

By Martina Fasano While I’m a 70s and 80s-loving gal when it comes to my rock’n’roll, I have a definite soft spot and deep-rooted pedigree in 1960s pop, rock, and R&B. Enter the stereo tremolo effect and it’s distinct yet versatile sonic capabilities. The stereo tremolo effect has always been a favorite of mine – from Tommy James’ “Crimson and Clover” to Nancy Sinatra’s version of […] Continue Reading

Active Jazz Bass Pickup & Preamp Roundup

By Dave Eichenberger In electric basses, there are basically (haha) three different ways to design a pickup system. You can go with passive pickups, passive pickups with a preamp, and full-on active pickups. All are valid ways of doing things, and while bassists may argue the merits of each system, the good news is that we have choices. Continue Reading

10 Great Canadian Guitarists

By Martina Fasano Canadian Music Week descended upon Toronto once again from May 2-8, 2016, and it got me thinking about some of the best guitarists Canada has produced over the years. Continue Reading