The Tone Garage

Effects Basics: Reverb

One of the earliest and most popular effects for cleaner styles is reverb. When Fender started making amps with a reverb unit built inside the amp case, we had the birth of surf music, and instrumental rock. This was a huge influence on guitars sounds for decades. and fueled the British Invasion bands that swept over the US and the rest of the world. Music that influences […] Continue Reading

Cage Match: Vintage Output vs Hot Single Coils

I read online forums a lot and I always have to laugh to myself when I read that someone wants a chime-filled single coil sound from their hot humbucker, or when someone wonders why their Les Paul sounds nothing like their Strat. True, I didn’t know these answers when I first started, and there were no forums to ask. Wood/scale length/other factors aside, there has been a […] Continue Reading

Friends of SD: Aristides Guitars

Here at Seymour Duncan, we are thrilled when a guitar company chooses to use our pickups. We are even more thrilled when that company is on the edge of innovation, offering their own unique ideas in a crowded sea of designs we love, but have seen before. Aristides Guitars is one of these innovative companies. Continue Reading

The Other Cool Fender Guitars

Fender sure has been around a long time. For over 70 years, Fender has made more than just the iconic Big 4 instruments it is most likely known for: the Stratocaster, the Telecaster, the Precison Bass and the Jazz Bass. Continue Reading

5 Vibratos Every Guitarist Wants

The vibrato is one of the most used and sought-after techniques in music. From a theoretical standpoint, vibrato is “a rapid, slight variation in pitch producing a stronger or richer tone”. As many guitar-toting tone-seekers will agree, the right vibrato can make the difference between a good guitarist and a legendary one. Many of us can play the right notes, in the right order, and at […] Continue Reading

Meet The Custom Family

Few pickups are so amazingly well designed that they take on almost any magnet you throw at it as the SH-5 Custom. There are three totally unique pickups available in the Custom family, all of which share the same basic ‘DNA’ – the coils and baseplate – but differ in its type of magnet. Continue Reading

How To Fix Your Guitar Like a Pro: Solving String Problems

WAIT. Put down that screwdriver. Put down that allen wrench. Quit fiddling with your tuners, and please do not throw your guitar out the window (or up on eBay). You aren’t going insane. We’ve all had frustrating moments with our guitars. I’m not talking about frustration from learning to play or being in a rut; I’m talking about frustration with the guitar itself. Sometimes – and […] Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Sustain

It’s fairy common to read about sustain in guitar reviews. Some guitars have lots of it, some have less. We sometimes perceive that a guitar is better if it has lots of sustain compared to if it doesn’t. Let’s pull on a thread to unravel the tapestry of what ‘sustain’ means in a technical and musical sense. Continue Reading

How To Choose An Acoustic Pickup

Seymour Duncan takes all the guesswork and stress out of finding the best pickup for your acoustic guitar.  Let’s face it, chances are if you own an acoustic guitar, are it’s special to you. It feels like a part of you. When you decide to amplify it, you want to capture its tone as best you possibly can. Continue Reading

Friends of SD: Sinuous Guitars

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The guitar above has not been left out in the sun and is not melting. What you are seeing is the ergonomic design of Greg Opatik and the flagship instrument of his new company Sinuous Guitars from Grand Rapids, Michigan. While focusing on the inherent shortfalls of traditional designs, Greg’s background in industrial design combined with his love of guitars in […] Continue Reading