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Mayones Duncan Contest

Seymour Duncan and Mayones have again teamed up to give away a very special one-of-a-kind guitar to one lucky player! This time it’s a Regius 7 with a Wenge top, flamed Alder back (yes, flamed Alder) custom Black Pearl binding, and a Schaller Hannes bridge. The neck is an 11-ply Wenge-Mahogany-Padouk-Maple ‘Exotic I’ neck with an Ebony fingerboard and Sperzel locking tuners, while electronics consist of our SH4-7 JB and SH2-7 Jazz passive humbuckers.

To win this beautiful, unique, professional-spec instrument, entrants must upload a video of themselves playing to a backing track (in the key of G#, and created by Arkadiusz “Młody” Bogaj). Full details as well as the actual entry submission link are right here. The winner will be decided by public vote. But most importantly, we’d like to stress that you don’t have to be a super-speedy shredder to enter – just bring your inspiration, talent and creativity. This isn’t a contest to find the fastest player. We just want everyone to have fun and share their creativity. Here’s the backing track for you to check out:

Seymour created the 6-string versions of the JB and Jazz humbuckers while living in England in 1974, and they remain his favorite set today. The JB’s over-wound coils, provide high output with just the right amount of sustain and distortion, while the Jazz Model in the neck for calibrated output and a clear, bright sound which is as perfect for articulate rhythm playing as it is for detailed high-speed soloing. This set is great for everything from hard blues to heavy rock, and it comes with four-conductor cable for trick switching options.

The contest will run through July. Here are the key dates:

Contest start: July 2nd
Entries close: start of day 7/24/14
Voting starts: start of day 7/24/14
Field narrowed to top 50: on 8/1/14
Voting ends & winner selected: 8/08/14


Written on July 6, 2014, by Peter

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  • John Agwazim

    Nice one. Thanks.

  • Dag Vestli

    This contest means that only the really good and experienced guitarists will have a chance to win! And they probably got tons of guitars allready… The newbies and intermedian players, wont stand a chance! Thanks a lot SD and Mayones… Idiots!!

    • grea

      How does the amount of guitars relate with experience? Practice!

      • blopa

        it doesn’t. But the chances of playing better for a guy who has 3 or 4 guitars and 3K $ in gear are way higher than for a guy who has a squier strat and a cheap ass amp. Entering the contest relies on the capability to admit you’ve already passed the line of competing and you have the skills AND the money to buy your own stuff.
        For instance, there’s a japanese entry that makes a perfect example of this: the guy is playing an extended range guitar, which probably costs the same as the Mayones, he has also 3 guitars at the back, a badass ENGL amp, and an FX processor.
        Im not judging and saying he should’t be allowed to participate, in fact, i hope he wins (If i don’t lol) because he’s played an astonishing solo, but…come on!!

  • Gabriel

    Public vote = contest of the most popular/who has the best PR. Also, that backing track sucks to solo over. Should have done it with Keith again, and let him decide the winner.

  • Rudi

    Come on Guys. Maybe you make these 8 notes that changes the World. Even better. Try to read the text. It says you dont have to be mister Wonder

  • Biff

    Anything decided buy public vote is utterly meaningless. It’s just another idiotic popularity contest.

    • Dr Nick

      And there’s loads of cheating – voting bots, vote swapping, vote buying…ruins a good contest.