Capturing The Magic of Vintage Guitar Pickups

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There’s something about having a guitar with the right pickup that will make you feel like the “cream” of the chops! The above photo is one of my Antiquity “aged” humbucking pickups. It’s cosmetically aged to look 50 years old. The main reason I designed this pickup to look old is for guitarist over the years that replaced their original pickups with newer or hotter models. 20-30 years later the value of the modified guitars has now exceed expectations and tripled more in value.

I always’s had the idea of making things look old and wanted to experiment on ways to make the materials look aged and used.  I started making one off products for artists like Jeff Beck, Albert Lee, Roy Buchanan, Albert Collins, Jimmy Page and many other single coil and humbucker users.  I didn’t want to confuse the market so I put subtle marks on them to compliment the Seymour Duncan Pickup line. The tone of this custom built pickup is not aggressive but is responsive to the lightest picking technique and smooth compressed sound built in.  Many years of winding and experiments in my lab and workbench have created such a tone very compatible to the pickups made a half century ago. Not only the look but materials such as magnet composition and calibration, pole piece alloy, winding tension and pitch, magnet wire insulations and diameter, screw dimensions and head diameter are such an important part of the total product. Time and quality components have been used for you the player and collector that wants a product you know is being made with devotion and years of performing experience.

I use these products on my personal instruments and can be heard on many of my recordings. The magnets are individually calibrated to create the one of a kind pickup to make “your” tone unique and special. The combination of turns per bobbin and their unique tension and winding pitch then combined to the special magnet calibration make an incredible tone you’ll love to hear over and over again. I’ve worked with the best and have given them the best from my experience because of the love of the guitar and association with the greats such as Les Paul, Seth E. Lover, Leo Fender, Ray Butts, Bill Carson to name a few.

My Antiquity pickups are the perfect “used and worn” look to help restore the instrument back to original condition. The sound will surpass your expectations beyond belief and make you sound like the musician that has inspired you over the years. Get out there and play that guitar with tone, soul and down to the bone sweat! You will inspire others and inspire your own dreams…





P.S. our Antiquity pickups are available for Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, P-Bass, J-Bass and P-90 equipped guitars. Click here to learn more:

Written on January 2, 2013, by admin

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  • Alex

    Seymour Duncan Donuts

  • cm

    I never liked aged/reliced stuff. No one buys a new car with dents and rust, but there’s just something about aged guitar parts. I don’t mind a beat up vintage pup 40+ years old, but for a new one I’d like it to be mint, not dipped in acids and thrown around the shop just to get that worn-in look. Btw does relicing/aging at SD age the winding too? I’d expect that an aged pickup won’t look brand new under the cover so I’d expect the winding to have very dark patina. 🙂

  • the value of the modified guitars has now exceed expectations and tripled more in value.

  • ronald mcgoddamn donald

    cock a doodle douche bithcas

  • I had a set in an Edwards LP 130. It did sound very Peter Green but seriously lacked bottom end next to all my other guitars, and It could not produce artificial harmonics off the pick, the notes would just mute a little for trying.

  • editorjuno

    Mr. Duncan fails to reveal that he acquired his “aging” skills by counterfeiting antique Native American jewelry — those phoney, artificially “aged” trinkets were the original “Antiquities.”

    You know what they say — once a counterfeiter, always a counterfeiter….